Case Study: Makro find their 7 days a week vending solution

Makro Stores Group appointed Thirst Link to help them establish efficiencies to reduce operational costs, combined with a retail strategy to maximise sales and revenue from both the back and front of house vending operations.

The client was also seeking to reduce the amount of time they were spending on overseeing the previous service that was provided by 19 regional operators.


Following a comprehensive tendering process managed completely by Thirst Link, Makro appointed one operator to operate their vending services at 31 UK stores. The new machines and method of service will reduce carbon footprint measurably and a selection of Makro’s own brand of hot drink products will be available from the machines.

We also assisted with the design and introduction of automated vending areas to replace in-store restaurants, which has made for a far more pleasant customer experience and increased awareness of the Makro brands. A Zip card system is fitted to these machines to enable ‘Gold Card’ clients to obtain a free hot drink and a food item, so rewarding customer loyalty.

Working in unison with the client and the new vending operator we have assisted with the implementation of an effective 5 year vending contract strategy that incorporates; Thirst Link’s attendance at review meetings, proactive analysis and action from performance reports; an effective SLA (supported by KPI audits); activity to maximise sales and alleviate menu fatigue and a prudent machine replacement programme.