Case Study: A health check for water dispensers


A large Healthcare group was looking to rebrand and, as part of this exercise, they wanted to modernise and rationalise the hundreds of water units of varying types throughout the Group (mains fed and bottled water).



Having advised the client on the various water systems available on the market (taking into account this particular client’s stringent Health & Safety requirements) Thirst Link helped them through the challenges of the tender process.  Our procedures and effective templates have been proven to increase tendering efficiency and ensure a robust specification against which all bids are compared on a truly like-for-like basis, removing all assumptions and eliminating potential pitfalls from the process.

Three Companies were shortlisted by the client and bidder presentations were arranged by us. Following consultation a preferred supplier was chosen by the client to supply all their UK locations.

On behalf of the client, Thirst Link compiled a full implementation plan along with instructions with regards to plumbing, electrical, H&S and security and issued to the relevant parties involved with the mobilisation.  We coordinated the entire programme in line with the launch of the company’s rebranding and modernisation programme.

Thirst Link’s expert industry knowledge meant that the client received impartial, objective advice and assisted in the machine base being significantly reduced and a saving of around £250k over the 5 year contract period.