Thirst Link saves you time, money and disappointment.

Free up your time

Today, most senior managers of successful companies prefer to focus on their key business tasks and utilise the expertise of independent expert advisers to assist with essential but non-core services, such as Vending, Water and Catering.


Experienced Professionals

Thirst Link has an independent and detailed understanding of the Vending operating and supply industry, as well as Catering and Hospitality services. Our Partners have spent many years working at all levels in all the various sectors of these industries.


A one stop shop for Vending, Water & Catering advice

Our expert knowledge extends to all Vending, Catering and related services, including all types of vending equipment, POU water units and cashless systems etc. even down to ensuring that the best tasting teas, coffees and other products are dispensed, to suit your requirement and budget.


Independent expert advice

We have no ties to any supplier, vending operator, contract caterer or equipment manufacturer, therefore we are ideally placed to provide truly objective advice. We assist our clients to select the most appropriate machines and service provider, ensure continuous improvement to their Vending, Water and Catering services and significantly increase profit or reduce their subsidy.


Proven track record

Thirst Link has assisted hundreds of companies to improve measurably the Vending and Catering services provided to their staff and customers. To date, we have a 100% success rate in assisting our clients to improve their service and reduce their costs. Case studies and client references are available on request.


Most competitive terms – Guaranteed!

Following an initial free assessment of your current service, we will guarantee that Thirst Link will reduce your current annual spend whilst also improving the standard of the Vending and/or Catering service provided.


A valued additional member of your team

We provide hands-on assistance with the complete tendering process and offer a unique contract monitoring service. Thirst Link will enable you to make well informed decisions when next reviewing your Vending, Water or Catering service or considering a new supplier – saving you considerable time and effort.


Industry innovations & environment protection

We constantly monitor all industry developments to ensure that you are at the forefront of any innovations and any new legislation. This ensures you don’t have to spend valuable time meeting representatives from all the many different Vending, Catering and Water supply companies.


… and all at no cost to your company!

Our fee is always recovered from the additional savings we will assist you to achieve and, in most cases, our clients prefer that we simply recover our fee directly from their chosen supplier at the end of the bidding process. This means there are no invoices from Thirst Link to our client and in nearly all situations our fee is written off by the bidders in recognition of the benefits our involvement brings to them, as well as our clients.